My new mindset

As a new direct seller, I hang on to my bookings for dear life. So when I needed to relinquish a couple of them to get a new recruit started, I felt robbed (and was embarrassed that I could see it that way.)

I thought, how was I going to make up for those bookings? What if the ones I gave away end up being high-sales parties? Ok, back up. I knew that I was just having a moment of nonsensical panic. I’m supposed to be building a team here. And being selfish is definitely not going to cut it.

Instead, I sat down and mapped out a road to success that speaks to my true values:

1. No one is a lone success. Becoming successful means surrounding yourself with people who will help you move forward. They will share your vision, collaborate with you on projects and offer ideas to advance your goals and theirs. And these people do not necessarily have to be working for your company. Connect with women in other fields of business and those who have expertise that you want to develop for yourself. Learn how they’ve become successful and apply them to your business.

2. Give and share. Nowhere is this more important than in direct sales. If you learn something fantastic that will boost their shows, tell your recruits. Got extra supplies? Offer them up to your team members. Did you take a training course? Take notes and disperse them to your network. How nice will it be when they turn around and tell other potential recruits what a giving and helpful manager you are?!

3. Take time to encouarge. No matter how old we get, we want people to notice and celebrate our achievements. How much work would it be to give a team member a pat on the back? With e-mail, Twitter and Facebook, there’s no excuse not to touch base and say “great job.” We are independent contractors, but let’s create interdependent networks.

Hope you find this helpful, and I’d love to hear your ideas!



2 responses to “My new mindset

  1. Seeing the bigger picture is such a right thing to do. It’s called paying it forward. My feeling is that you never lose what you think you’re giving up. It’s all part of the same canvas!

  2. Cindy,

    You are so right about being a “giving manager”,
    servant leadership as some would call it. Make someone’s day by helping and sharing your knowledge…….

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