Let’s face it, I’m not a gardener

I really wanted to be a gardener. I imagined how fulfilling it would be to grow my own food and create pretty flower beds. So in the spring, I bought vegetable seeds — lettuce, spinach, snow peas and tomatoes. I started the tomatoes in little indoor pots. I sowed the lettuce, spinach and snow peas in a backyard garden patch. I watered and waited.

Well,  I didn’t see one lettuce leaf, the weeds overtook the garden and I turned around today to find my tomato plants wilted because “somebody” forgot to water them. I swear, I had all intentions of getting them in the ground.

Try as I might, I just didn’t have a green thumb. I loved the idea of it and my intentions were honorable, but my heart wasn’t in it.

My gardening disaster reminds me that a big part of success, whether in business or your personal life, is making sure your heart is in it. I know that I’m making positive connections in my business because I’m emotionally invested. It shows when I talk with people about what I do and it definitely comes through when I’m conducting a party.

And because my heart is in it, I don’t dread tending to all the behind-the-scenes details of my business. Like a garden, ideas are like seeds — they need care and nurturing to thrive.

So for me, I’ll keep doing what I love to do and pick up tomatoes at the local farmers market.



One response to “Let’s face it, I’m not a gardener

  1. Hey there is always next year. Tomatoes are all susceptible this year to an infectious blight anyway. To every thing there IS a season and yes, at least you tried. You can let your garden go to seed….but not your business!

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