Presto change-o

IMG_4152We all know it’s best to be smart about mixing and matching our clothes. We love the top that can be worn with jeans or a pretty skirt. What about shoes that can take you from the office to a dinner date? Or we’re always reaching for that cardigan that seems to go with all our tanks.

I also believe it’s smart to do the same thing with jewelry. A necklace doesn’t just have to be a necklace. Check this out: I have a long necklace that I can wear as a single strand around my neck or I can double up for a shorter look. How about twirling it around your wrist to wear as a bracelet or turn it into an ankle bracelet? That same necklace can be worn around your waist — very eye-catching on a dress or bathing suit.

I have fun switching up the chains for my pendants. A casual cord is perfect for day wear, but slide that pendant onto a shiny silver or gold chain and you’ve got an evening look.

Yes, rings still must go on fingers or toes, but try putting one on your thumb or first finger. I feel funky, hip and fun when I do that!

So I encourage you to take a look through your bling box and experiment with how else you can wear your favorite pieces.

Let me know if you’ve done a presto change-o on any of your jewelry!


4 responses to “Presto change-o

  1. Hi Cindy, I love your Prest o Change o.

  2. OHHH, good tips! I’m going to share this on my Facebook, do you mind??

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