Presto change-o, Take 2

I got great feedback from my post about how versatile jewelry can be. Well, I wanted to SHOW as well as tell!

I get a lot of bang for my buck with this silver necklace.

My simple blue shirt gets a little dressier when the necklace is worn as a single strand.

Want more attention closer to your neck? Wrap the necklace around twice.

My favorite way, though, is the lariat style. Take the necklace fully clasped, stretch the necklace lengthwise, wrap it around your neck and loop one end through so there is a piece dangling down. Now, how ooh la la is that!

Wear it long

Wear it long

When I have another necklace I want to wear, I will dress up my wrist with the same piece. And my daughter wanted to show it off as an ankle bracelet. Cute, huh?!

Double the fun

Double the fun

Oooh la lariat

Oooh la lariat

It's all in the wrist

It's all in the wrist

Fancy feet

Fancy feet


7 responses to “Presto change-o, Take 2

  1. Great ideas! I’m enjoying wearing my newest Lia Sophia piece using these suggestions. The necklace is so long, I’m going to try it as a belt next!

  2. Cute ideas! Love it!

  3. Great pics and ideas!

  4. Love the photos…I am a visual person, so seeing is understanding!! Thanks for showing us!!


  6. Great ideas! The pictures really help me “get it”. Way to go Cindy!

    Jennifer Fong

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