Put on some sparkle — just because!

girl with blue necklace

A long necklace adds color and contrast to an otherwise plain top. A matching chunky bracelet completes the look.

A friend was going through her jewelry collection and I pointed to  a shiny, long necklace that made me go “oooh.” She said she loved that piece too but only wore it for dressier occasions. My response: Dressed up? What’s that?!

As busy mothers and wives, it’s tough to find the time to go out on a date with your husband, or on a whim, have dinner with your girlfriends. These outings are too far and few in between to let all that bling in our jewelry lie restless in the box.

Jewelry is an easy enhancer, so if your uniform is a solid-colored T-shirt and jeans, throw on that long necklace and put on pair of hoop earrings. Or grab one of your chunkier bracelets — it will make a great statement paired with a short-sleeve shirt. Voila! In two seconds, you’ve just added a little sparkle to your wardrobe and a lot of lift to your attitude!

Plus, don’t we feel good when we wear our favorite things? There’s nothing more attractice than when you step out with confidence. So unleash those pieces you love from your jewelry box and GET GLAM!


4 responses to “Put on some sparkle — just because!

  1. Cindy: Great ideas; I’m going to have to go home and clean out my jewelry box to see what I can find!! Love your blog.

  2. Totally agree… the notion of leaving things for good really needs to be thrown out of the window… as the time comes to wear something for a good or special occasion sometimes the item has past its time or is not longer appealing… Enjoy everything as if it is for a good time… and if you make every day a good day then imagine how great you will feel.

  3. Hi Cindy-another great post!! I admit I have been the same way but the world will now start seeing some bling with my jeans and t-shirts!

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