A few golden nuggets

For that beautiful glow, load up on gold jewelry!

For that beautiful glow, load up on gold jewelry!

To my Glam Girls,

OK, I admit it — I am a fashion magazine junkie. I fawn over the glossy ads and eat up the details about what celebs are wearing.

Most of the designs are way over-the-top (and who can afford them anyway?!), but I like to zero in on the general trends, consider the advice fashion experts are offering and apply them to regular gals like you and me.

So here are a few nuggets of information I want to pass along:

  • “This season, I’d invest in tons of costume jewelry. You can make the simplest jeans-and-T-shirt combo look amazing with the right accessories,” says Keegan Singh in the August issue of InStyle magazine. He styling work is seen in the very cool ads for Rock & Republic and Nike.  And I’m so glad Singh is backing me up here because anyone who’s been following my blog knows I’m a big proponent of jazzing up plain shirts with jewelry!
  • Makeup maven Bobbie Brown tells InStyle (same issue) that a stack of yellow gold bangles, layered necklaces or hoops will “bring out the golden tones in your complexion and make skin glow.” Personally, I’m a bigger fan of silver jewelry, but I’m going to invest in some gold pieces because my winter skin can use all the glow it could get!
  • Today’s magazines are filled with articles about how to economize. They picture things you can buy that won’t cost you an arm or a leg, and jewelry is always featured.  So consider going to that jewelry party your friend invited you to — because that’s one-stop shopping for beautiful and AFFORDABLE accessories.

Now excuse me while I go back to my fashion magazines and gather some more ideas to help you look your best!

Forever glam,


P.S. I’ll be back soon with more tips — especially as we head into the fun fall fashion season!


2 responses to “A few golden nuggets

  1. Cindy: I really look forward to reading your blogs–I love your style of writing and I feel like we’re girlfriends just talking in your living room. My preference has always been more for gold but I’m finding more and more silver pieces that I like. I also like the idea of mixing silver and gold and I do that, too.

    Thanks for the great ideas,

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for the tips. I am a silver chick my self but will consider trying for the golden glow effect!

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