I feel pretty!

A bright-colored T plus a chunky necklace and I'm ready to greet the world!

A bright-colored T plus a chunky necklace and I'm ready to greet the world!

To my Glam Girls,

There’s nothing better than when someone notices your style changes. I was running a party yesterday, and telling all my girlfriends about how much I love fashion and what fun I’ve been having dressing up. They all said I’ve been looking more fab and polished these days! Now what Glam Girl would not relish hearing something like that!

And the truth is that I really haven’t gone out of my way too much — in neither time nor money. Accessories was the key for me — a statement necklace, simple hoops and a matching bracelet. You don’t need a lot to make a transformation!

And tell me if this happens to you: You want to show off what you bought so you take a few minutes to find that unwrinkled shirt, those jeans that hit your heel just right, and of course, the shoes — flats, wedges, mules, kitten heels, boots, etc. (Girls, I know we love our sweats and sneakers, but save them for the gym!)

The look is pretty, but not overdone. You want to be comfortable, but now you’re walking a little taller at the office. And when you’re out on errands, you’re not going to feel like hiding when you bump into someone you know!

And when the compliments start rolling in, you’re going to want to keep up the new you!

Forever Glam,



One response to “I feel pretty!

  1. I love your fashion opinion – my style philoopshy has always been pretty over glamazon! I am a fashion/accessory designer in Chicago and not only are career options few and far between, the competition is fierce! I graduated from The Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago in December 2008 and recently started posting my designs online at http://CarlyBethDesigns.etsy.com. I’m looking for fashion bloggers with a good following to help me get my name out there. I would love for you to check my designs out and let me know what you think. I have other examples of my work at http://carlyanderson.webs.com. I would be happy to give you credit on my website and/or offer a link to your blog in return. Thanks!

    Carly B

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